Mykonos: Captain and TikTok sensation annoyed she paid over €600 for a fish (VIDEO)

Kate McCue Mykonos

Kate McCue is the first American female captain of a major cruise ship in what is otherwise a male-dominated field. At age 37, she made history in 2015 when she took the helm of the luxury cruise ship Celebrity Summit, which Celebrity Cruises operate.

She herself was the first to sail from a US port after the end of the pandemic lockdowns. Since 2003 she has travelled all over the seas, while, as she has stated, since she was 12, she dreamed of taking over a big ship, as she has now.

Currently, she is responsible for 1,200 people, while with the company's cruise ships she works for, she often comes to Greece, one of the world's biggest tourist destinations, especially in the summer months.

In fact, she makes sure to upload footage from her travels to her social media profiles, which she constantly updates.

In one of the recent videos she uploaded, which also went viral on the Greek Twittersphere after expressing her despair at the prices in a restaurant in Mykonos. As she says, she bought a dress from the island which was cheaper than the fish she ate.

The captain says that the fish cost 616 euros, which she did not know as she did not ask about the menu prices.

She explains that she just went with the reviews and that this was her first mistake, because indeed those people in the shop were very nice, the food was excellent, but next time she would ask how much the food is.

The captain stresses to her 3.5 million followers that if you go to a place you're not familiar with and the prices are not listed on the menu, there's no shame in asking how much it is.

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