Tourist who carved names into Colosseum identified

Tourist who carved name into Colosseum identified

ROME - Carabinieri police have identified the tourist accused of carving his and his girlfriend's name into the Colosseum in Rome last Friday, investigators said on Thursday.
The couple were said to live in England.

The investigation began after the Colosseum Park Authority was alerted to the incident by a video, allegedly filmed by the pair and posted on social media.
Earlier this week investigators said the young tourist risks at least a 15,000 euro fine and up to five years in jail for the act of vandalism.

"I am grateful to the Carabinieri for having promptly identified the alleged perpetrator of the uncivilised and absurd act committed at the Colosseum," said Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano.
"(It is) an act that offended all around the world who appreciate the value of archaeology, monuments and history. I now hope that justice will take its course by strictly applying the laws. If the case goes to trial, the Ministry of Culture will be a civil plaintiff," he added
. (ANSA).

It is not the first time the Colosseum has been defaced in recent years.

In September 2020, a 32-year-old man from Ireland was allegedly caught using a metal point to carve his initials into a pillar on the first level of the monument. He was arrested and charged with damaging a historical landmark.

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