When does the new Tesla dealership open in Thessaloniki?


Tesla has entered the market for good, and now its sales are increasing significantly month after month.

It is estimated that more than 1,500 Tesla's are circulating on Greek roads, a particularly high number considering that the brand has been active in Greece for almost two years and its models are purely electric.

What is certain is that the American brand has made a sensation and has created its own fanatical audience. It is not just a coincidence that every day, at least on the streets of Attica, we see Tesla's almost... everywhere, but this is not the case in the countryside, even in Thessaloniki.


Demand for its models also comes from areas outside of Athens, so the brand's next move is to invest outside Attica as well.

According to News Auto, the creation of the second store has already been launched (the first is in Marousi), this time in Thessaloniki. The site has been found specifically in the area of ​​the airport.

Early 2024

The inauguration is estimated to take place at the beginning of 2024, while in the same period fast chargers are expected to be installed in Thessaloniki.

The so-called superchargers will exceed 10 and this will be done in order to serve Tesla owners who travel to Northern Greece and want to charge very quickly.

For now, the brand has created its own Pop-up store in Thessaloniki, specifically in the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping centre, where those interested can see the brand's models up close and schedule a test drive.

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