Nick Kyrgios Opens Up About Racial Abuse and Australia's Racism Problem in Candid Interview

Kyrgios Holding Ear

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has revealed the racism he and his family have faced in his home country, describing Australia as "one of the most racist countries in the world." The 28-year-old, born to a Greek father and Malaysian mother, has been vocal about encountering racial abuse on the tennis court while playing abroad, but he now sheds light on facing similar bigotry in his own nation.

In an interview with Men's Health magazine, Kyrgios discussed his challenges due to his bad boy image and how it has affected his career. While acknowledging that his reputation has both helped and hindered him, he emphasized the discipline and patience required to succeed in tennis. Despite being perceived as volatile, Kyrgios believes he is incredibly patient and a perfectionist, occasionally using emotional outbursts to fire himself up and perform at his best.

However, amidst his tennis career, Kyrgios has faced hurtful racism from prominent figures in Australian sports. He disclosed that he and his family have been told to "go back to where they came from," with derogatory remarks that he finds unacceptable.

While he has developed thick skin to cope with such adversity, Kyrgios stresses that dealing with racism is never easy. He hopes to raise awareness of the issue and promote positive change, both in sports and society as a whole.

In another surprising turn of events, the fiery Australian tennis player took to social media to announce his withdrawal from Wimbledon. Kyrgios revealed that he experienced wrist pain during his intended comeback in Mallorca last week, prompting a precautionary scan that unveiled a torn ligament.

Expressing his disappointment, Kyrgios stated that despite his efforts to manage the injury, he did not have enough time to recover before the tournament. While his wrist injury's exact severity and duration remain uncertain, Kyrgios appeared to be in good form during a practice session with American player Maxim Cressy the day before.

This marks the second time in 2023 that Kyrgios has withdrawn from a Grand Slam shortly before its commencement, following his last-minute withdrawal from the Australian Open in January. Despite his volatile reputation, Kyrgios emphasizes his patience and expresses gratitude for the support of his fans, vowing to return to the court soon.


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