Kikilias says that Greece will buy new fire-fighting aircraft and vehicles

Greek Plane Fire Fighter jpg

"The protection of human life and the environment from natural disasters that the ever-growing climate crisis brings is a national effort that demands the assistance of all the ministries responsible, the bodies and security forces but also our fellow citizens," Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vasilis Kikilias said on Sunday.

He reported to SKAI television that the climate crisis ministry had already organized one government meeting of all the services and ministries involved in the fire-fighting season. In contrast, further discussions will follow with mayors and the power grid operators to coordinate prevention measures and ensure that the state mechanisms are fully ready to deal with summer fires.
While some mayors had done an excellent job, he noted, others were at a different standard, and the focus would be on directing their attention to what needed to be done. Kikilias said the interior ministry was acting to clear bureaucratic obstacles that prevented municipalities from using funds to carry out necessary work to prepare for and prevent natural disasters.

On the ministry's planned legislative work, Kikilias said this would concern purchases of new fire-fighting aircraft and vehicles, protective gear for firefighters, and personnel hiring.


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