Tragic Death of Irish Tourist in Greece: Autopsy Reveals Cause of Poolside Tragedy"

Karma Beach Club

An autopsy has revealed the cause of death of an Irish tourist who was tragically found lifeless in a swimming pool at a club in Greece. The 20-year-old, who had been enjoying his holiday with friends at the well-known Karma Beach Club in Laganas, Zante (Zakynthos), lost consciousness while in the pool on the evening of July 2.

Upon discovering the young man motionless in the pool, the club owner, who is also a lifeguard, immediately leapt into action and administered CPR. Despite their efforts, the tourist did not regain consciousness. He was promptly transported to the hospital, where medical professionals confirmed his passing. His body was later transferred to Patras for a post-mortem examination, which has now revealed that his cause of death was haemorrhagic pulmonary oedema—a condition in which a ruptured blood vessel leads to the lungs filling with blood.

As of Tuesday evening, toxicological test results to determine the cause of the oedema were still pending. It was initially reported that the victim was a "British" tourist, but local media have now clarified that he was an Irish national. At the time of writing, Greek authorities were withholding his name.

According to a barwoman at the club, the young man appeared pale and trembling before being discovered in the pool. Speaking to a local TV station, the devastated club owner recounted the events, explaining that they immediately sought assistance from a male nurse and performed CPR, believing him to be deceased. Despite their attempts and using a defibrillator, there was no response. The tourist was then rushed to the hospital. The club owner expressed shock and devastation, as this was the first incident of its kind in his 40 years of working in the industry.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing as authorities strive to gather all relevant information surrounding the tragic event.


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