The most disgusting order ever made in Greece: 24-ingredient sandwich with steak, chocolate and kiwi fruit


A sandwich of 24 ingredients has gone viral on Greek social media for the disgusting combinations.

Those who have been working in the service industry for years have many stories to tell of incredible incidents and orders that have happened to them. So one of them has become viral lately, as it is one of those that you don't come across very often...

It is a sandwich, sando club to be exact, which someone ordered. It is really surprising how anyone could eat it.

The reason? Firstly, the fact that it had 24 ingredients. Yes 24 ingredients, but the... weirdness does not stop there, as they included both savory and sweet.

In other words, the person had steak and chocolate. Egg and biscuit. Sausage and honey.

Of course, some are for side dishes, but it doesn't change much from the incredible mix.

The order:

According to the order sheet circulating on social media, there was salt, vinegar, egg, steak, sauce, bread, cream, arugula, parmesan, cheese, mustard, béchamel, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, potatoes, chocolate, hazelnut, cookie, strawberry, kiwi fruit, yogurt, honey, cinnamon and sausage.

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