Greece gets slammed by 'Kleon' heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 40C

heatwave athens greece

The heatwave codenamed 'Kleon', which has been affecting Greece over the past four days has led to scorching temperatures of 42C, 43C and even 44C, according to weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens and, it was reported on Saturday.

On Friday, 87 weather stations nationwide recorded highs above 40 degrees Celsius, with 14 stations registering highs above 42C. The absolute maximum temperature of 44.2C was recorded in the region of Thiva.

Kleon peaked with such high temperatures on both Friday and Saturday, Associate Researcher at the Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens, Dr. Theodore Giannaros, told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) on Saturday.

Giannaros went on to explain that "the data we currently have at our disposal shows that there will be a slight decrease in temperature on Sunday, which will mainly affect the northern regions and the eastern continental regions, including Attica, and this is because northerly winds will become stronger over the Aegean Sea."

However, he went on, in Western Greece high temperatures will persist on Sunday as well, well into the 40Cs. In the rest of the country, it will drop 2-3 degrees - marginally below 40 degrees Celsius."

Intense hot weather will indeed persist until the middle of next week, he noted, and from July 20-21 onwards "we will have another adverse rise in temperatures, to the level of yet another heatwave", he stressed.


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