Greek police searching for killers of a North Macedonian businessman in a holiday resort

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Early Morning Shooting in Halkidiki Claims One Life, Leaves Another Injured

A tragic incident occurred in Hanioti, a holiday resort in northern Greece, where a businessman from North Macedonia lost his life after being fatally shot. The police are currently on the lookout for two individuals responsible for the crime.

According to police reports, the incident unfolded as two masked gunmen, riding a motorcycle, approached the villa in which the 39-year-old businessman and his friends were residing. Upon arrival, they infiltrated the villa and fired a total of 19 bullets at both the businessman and his 45-year-old friend. Unfortunately, the businessman, whose identity remains unknown, was killed instantly, while his friend sustained severe injuries and was admitted to a hospital.

The businessman, described as an ethnic Albanian, was believed to be either the proprietor of a casino or a game arcade in North Macedonia.

Addressing the situation, anonymous police officers stated that they suspect this to be a targeted assassination, referring to it as a contract killing. However, due to an ongoing investigation, they preferred to maintain anonymity while discussing the case.

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