Heatwave: One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece reached 44°C on Saturday

Elafonisa heatwave

The heatwave has hit Greece, with the weather being hot and dry from one end of the country to the other. Some areas, like Larissa, usually get the gold medal in temperatures, but yesterday was a big exception - Crete took first place and several more positions in the top 10, Proto Thema reported.

Specifically, six regions of Greece's largest island were among the eight warmest. Five were in Heraklion. Only one was in Chania but took first place.

In fact, it is not an area far from the sea, but a beach. And which beach? Elafonisi in Chania reached 44.2 degrees Celsius yesterday at 17:00, beating the 44.1 recorded by the thermometer in the area of ​​Moira in Heraklion.

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If you close your eyes and try to think about what some of the most beautiful Greek beaches are, Elafonisi is hard not to "splash". It is one of the rare cases in which the reality meets even more than the expectations of travellers on various highly advertised beaches.

In the photos, many beaches look incredible, but when you visit them, things are not exactly like that. But this beautiful beach is a real experience with clear blue waters, dozens of small and bigger coves, pink sand and a truly unique landscape.

In fact, a few days ago only Elafonisi was named the most beautiful beach in the world in an online vote conducted by Betway.

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"It's easy to see why Elafonisi came out on top: with its stunning pink sand and unique landscape, it's not just beautiful but offers more than just a typical holiday destination," wrote the travel blogger.

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The special beach in Elafonisi, Chania

Some days it joins a narrow peninsula of southwestern Crete, while on others, you have to walk with the water up to your knees to enjoy it.

However, what you will see when you get there will take your breath away: An exotic paradise of fine, white sand and tiny pink pieces of crushed shells, shallow turquoise waters and beautiful coves. People from every part of Crete come to see up close this landscape that "steals" the show.

This small island is protected by the Natura 2000 Network, as it has sand dunes and over 100 rare plants. These include sea lilies, which look like small cups.


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