Body parts of an Indian man discovered among recycling plant in Crete

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On Tuesday afternoon, in the recycling processing facility in Chania, Greece, the head of a person was discovered by the workers. In a state of shock, they immediately contacted the authorities. After further searching in the collected garbage, they discovered the severed legs and bags containing the man's internal organs. Workers reported that earlier in the day, bags emitting a strong odour passed through the facility, which most likely contained other parts of the murdered man.

The coroner has concluded that the man was murdered around 5 to 7 days ago, and that the victim and attacker definitely knew each other. Considering that the collected garbage came from Rethimno, authorities have started their investigation into the 800 member Indian community of Rethimno, which also includes illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh, who work in farming or the tourism sector.

This shocking incident comes after a slew of crimes committed by men from the subcontinent, such as the rape and murder of a 27 year old Polish woman by a Bangladeshi and this month's murder of a Cuban transgender, again by a Bangladeshi.

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