Heatwave: What to eat when it is 40+ degrees?

pomegranate heatwave

The Kleon heatwave is burning Greece, with temperatures going well above 40 degrees. Due to such conditions, it is only right we reveal everything you must watch out for on these hot summer days when hydration should be our top priority.

Eat small meals often. In this way, we do not burden our digestive system at a time when, due to the high temperatures, both the respiratory and circulatory systems are already straining.

Avoid foods rich in fat (red meat, full-fat cheeses) that require more time to digest and heat up the body. Fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and low-fat dairy are better choices. We also moderate many seasonings and spices.

If you feel that you have lost your appetite at midday, choose a light meal e.g. pasta with a light tomato or other vegetable sauce, seafood or vegetable risotto, a salad with low-fat cheese or tuna or chicken and a slice of bread.

Limit the consumption of coffee, even though it is now included in the overall hydration of the body. Do not exceed two cups a day because it has a diuretic effect. The same applies to alcoholic beverages that cause diuresis and increase body temperature. Therefore, they should be consumed in moderation.

Say no to fried foods and heavy sauces. Choose grilled, boiled and steamed foods because they are easier to digest.

Eat plenty of fruit – it is recommended that we consume 5-6 servings of fruit per day. One portion corresponds to a slice of watermelon or cantaloupe, two apricots, one peach, 12 cherries or 17 bunches of grapes. It is also good to eat two individual salads a day.

You may need to add a little more salt to the food because it provides the body with sodium, one of the electrolytes that is lost through sweating. Sodium helps to retain fluids, thus reducing their loss. However, no exaggeration is needed.

Also, those with hypertension or kidney function problems should avoid it and consult their doctor about their diet.

Do not give in to the temptation of ice creams and soft drinks because they have a lot of calories. Granitas and light soft drinks are preferable.

Mistakes to avoid

The first is that we rely on the feeling of thirst to drink water. In this case, however, our body is already dehydrated by about 2%. Therefore we often drink water without waiting to feel the feeling of thirst.

The second mistake is that we choose ice water, which does not quench our thirst as effectively. Tap water and indeed at room temperature – because then it has been shown that we drink more compared to iced water – it is recommended to be our first choice.

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