KLEON HEATWAVE - Cars reach 80 degrees in Athens (VIDEO)


The "Kleon" heatwave has made Athens unbearable, but perhaps also all of Greece too as the temperatures have hit red. In some areas, the mercury has climbed to 44 degrees Celsius. High temperatures and hot air make for a difficult scenario, with experts urging minimal travel.

What about using a drone during extreme heat? Particularly one fitted with a thermal camera to record temperatures that develop on the road surface and on the vehicles.

There are dozens of transport companies based in Votanikos, western Athens, and everyday the traffic reminds us of... Los Angeles. Hundreds of vehicles are crammed into a small area and what prevails is endless chaos with professional drivers spending too many hours trapped inside their vehicles.

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As you will see, the situation is unbearable, everyone is trying to do their job and move a few metres, while there are also those who help by performing the duties of a traffic police officer.

It is characteristic that the temperature on the road surface is lower than on the vehicles. Black is the colour that attracts the highest temperatures (almost 80 degrees), while the trucks with awnings, the temperature is lower by about 10 degrees compared to those with aluminum.


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An important element is also the green which is minimal but when the camera records the temperature then it remains in air conditions (around 40 degrees Celsius).

Watch the video with the temperatures of the cars News Auto recorded with the thermal camera:

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