Turkish MP uses "son of Pashinyan" to replace "son of a b*tch" as an insult


Cemal Enginyurt, recently elected deputy under the main Kemalist opposition CHP, has used the expression "Son of Pashinyan" instead of "Son of a b*tch" to insult a pro-government social media figure.

The opposition deputy called a pro-government YouTuber "son of Pashinyan" to insult him, Gercek News reported. This insult is in reference to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Enginyurt, a former member of the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), was asked on Monday to comment on the recent consumer tax hikes in gasoline and natural gas on Sözcü TV:

"There is that clown who was telling that natural gas is free now. He was making such a fuss, telling people to leave their windows open. What a clown! He had made a fuss over a 25% reduction in natural gas bills, and he gloated, 'Hey Pashinyan, you saw what happened?' He was so sardonic."

Enginyurt went on to call the YouTuber, "son of Pashinyan," connoting "son of a b*tch."

With an apparent intention to insult the YouTuber, he said: "Now it's my turn to ask, what happened, son of Pashinyan? Clown! Now the consumer tax on natural gas has been raised by 300%."

Neither the show's host Ebru Baki, neither the other guest Ali Haydar Firat reacted to Enginyurt's remarks, or even showed a change of expression on their faces, as the three went on with their chat on the government's tax hikes.

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