Fire in Rhodes: Gennadi and Vati evacuated - Houses burned in Asklipieio village

rhodes fire

The situation with the fires in Southern Rhodes is out of control, as the two fronts of the fire are currently the villages of Gennadi and Vati. For this reason, shortly before 11:30 in the morning, a message was sent from 112 for evacuation.

The fire entered the village of Asklipio on the island of Rhodes on Monday and burned homes, shops and property in its path. The inhabitants were appealing for help as firefighting forces and volunteers in the area tried to get the fire under control.

Two fronts had been threatening the village since Sunday night, with firefighters, volunteers and residents unable to stop the flames from entering the settlement despite a battle throughout the night.

Two rekindled fires have also besieged the villages of Gennadi and Vati.

The situation was considered extremely dangerous and for this reason the entire force of the fire brigade and a large number of volunteers were lined up on both fronts to try and stop them. The evacuation of the two villages was also being considered.

In Corfu, the fire was raging in the northeastern part of the island and south of Perithia, but according to the Fire Department, it had not yet reached any houses. A total of 62 firefighters with 21 water trucks and three ground units on foot were operating, assisted by two helicopters and two airplanes.

During the night, a message was sent via the emergency number 112 to evacuate the areas of Santa, Megoula, Porta, Palaia Perithia, Sinies, Viglaturi, Nisaki, Rou, Katavolo, Kentoma, Tritsi, Kokkokilas, Sarakiniatika, Plagia, Kalami, Vlahatika and Kavalleraina.

On the front in Karystos, in Evia, according to Fire Department sources, there are still scattered outbreaks while so far the settlements of Platis Gialos, Livadi, Kastri, Potami, Pernaraki and Platanistos have been evacuated following messages sent via 112 to the residents of the areas.

Strong winds are blowing in Evia. Seventy-seven firefighters, 25 water trucks, three teams of firefighters on foot and three aircraft were operating.

In Egio, the village of Trapeza was evacuated with a message sent via the emergency number 112, as well as the settlement of Kastro Aegialia, as the fire continues to burn on a nearby hill. Firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from crossing the highway and so far they have succeeded.

A total of 99 firefighters, 35 water trucks and four teams on foot, two aircraft, two helicopters and the Olympos operational centre are operating in the area.

Finally, the fire in Yliki was also still burning, without threatening houses so far. A total of 60 firefighters, 21 water trucks, three teams on foot, two helicopters and two airplanes were operating to extinguish it.

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