Safety Manager and Three Employees Arrested After Deadly Bridge Collapse in Greece


In connection with the tragic collapse of a section of a motorway bridge at the entrance to Patras, a city in southern Greece, the police took action on Sunday, apprehending the safety manager and three other construction company employees involved.

The incident claimed one life and injured at least 12 others, with four individuals in serious condition. The injured were immediately transported to Rio and Aghios Andreas hospitals for urgent medical attention.

The bridge exhibited structural issues, and repair work commenced in 2021. On July 20, the section that eventually collapsed was closed for maintenance following a decision by the Achaia police department. The plan was to demolish the compromised portion on Sunday. Tragically, before the demolition, the section unexpectedly crumbled, falling onto a group of people who were standing beneath it.

Rescue efforts were swiftly initiated to search for other potential victims trapped beneath the debris. A team of 35 firefighters, two EMAK disaster response units, and rescue dogs were deployed to the scene. Five ambulances and one mobile ambulance unit were on standby to provide medical assistance.

Avax SA, an Athens-listed construction company responsible for the demolition, stated in a press release that despite closing the bridge to traffic and implementing safety measures, individuals unrelated to the construction work found themselves on the site, leading to their injuries, including one fatality, caused by the collapsing bridge parts.

Nikos Tachiaos, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, expressed concerns about the safety protocols observed at the construction site. Fortunately, the bridge's unexpected collapse also dragged down two machines without injuring their operators. The investigation into the incident and the possible oversight of safety measures is ongoing as authorities work to determine the exact cause of the tragic event.

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