Southern Evia fire leads to evacuations around Karystos area; high winds and rekindlings

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Firefighting efforts continue in the southern Evia region of Karystos, Regional Deputy Director of Evia Giorgos Kelaiditis told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) on Monday afternoon, as rekindling of fires is con

Lstant due to strong winds.

"The situation is a nightmare for the villages of Platanistos and Potami, because the fire has reached courtyards on the outskirts of the villages, burned farm facilities, and the winds continue pushing flames into residential areas," Kelaiditis said.

Winds registered in the area since noon have climbed in velocity to over 6 and 7 on the Beaufort scale.

Problems are also seen at Livadi, Deputy Mayor of Karystos for Civil Protection Dimitris Xipolitos said, while he added that at Platanistos a Canadair airplane doused the fire and prevented it from spreading from the courtyards of homes. The Agii and Platanistos areas - which are full of olive trees, pine trees, and low brush - have been evacuated and residents notified by the 112 emergency text messaging service to head toward Karystos proper. 

Xipolitos said the fire front is over 5 km long and heading toward Livadi, Kastri, and Platy Gialo. "At this point, we have proceeded to partial evacuation of settlements and the rest of residents are on alert to leave if flames spread," he said.

Source Amna

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