Greek Authorities Rescue 40 Migrants from Sinking Dinghy, Two Charged with Shipwreck

Lesvos Mirants

Greek coast guard personnel successfully rescued 40 migrants from a sinking inflatable dinghy in the Aegean Sea on Wednesday. However, two of the rescued individuals have been charged with causing a shipwreck and endangering lives. They allegedly scuttled the flimsy vessel as a coast guard boat approached to aid them.

According to the coast guard statement, all 40 migrants were found to be in good health after being rescued near the eastern Greek island of Lesvos. This island is in close proximity to the Turkish mainland. It is a major entry point for people from the Middle East and Africa seeking better opportunities in the European Union. Many of them pay smuggling gangs to secure a spot on small boats for their journey.

The coast guard reported that one of the migrants deliberately slashed the rubber sides of the dinghy using a sharp implement, putting the passengers' lives at risk, as the coast guard patrol boat approached. Additionally, another individual threw the small outboard engine into the sea.

The reason behind the migrants' attempt to destroy the vessel remains unclear. See Picture Below

lemvos lesvos
Greek Authorities Rescue 40 Migrants from Sinking Dinghy, Two Charged with Shipwreck 1

Similar incidents have been observed in recent weeks around Lesbos and other eastern Greek islands. Charges against migrants for damaging the boats are infrequent, as Greece's coast guard typically focuses on preventing boats from entering Greek waters. They often coordinate with Turkish authorities to pick up the migrants and return them to Turkey, aiming to deter illegal crossings.

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