Tragic Loss: Saying Goodbye to Konstantina from Rhodes who died suddenly

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Heartbroken parents, friends, and relatives bid a tearful farewell to their beloved Konstantina from Rhodes as they struggled to come to terms with her sudden demise. Konstantina had been celebrating both her birthday and her recent piano degree achievement, but tragedy struck during the festivities.

The autopsy revealed that the cause of her death, at the age of 24, was pulmonary edema, although the exact reason behind this condition is still under investigation through laboratory tests.

Konstantina had gone out with her friends to revel in her piano success and mark her 24th birthday, but their joy turned into shock when she collapsed while demonstrating her musical prowess on the hotel piano. The friends' well-wishes and smiles turned into frozen expressions of disbelief as they witnessed their dear Konstantina's untimely end.

"Our Konstantina was supposed to celebrate her birthday surrounded by her loving family. We had hoped for her bright future and happiness… Never did we imagine that we would be preparing for her funeral today. It's beyond painful; our souls are shattered," shared a grief-stricken relative with

"She had just received her piano degree and decided to dine with her friends at a hotel to celebrate. Later, she sat down at the piano to showcase her talent and bring joy to her loved ones, but then this tragic incident occurred. She suddenly clutched her head, blood streaming from her nose, before collapsing on the keys. These are indescribably trying times for all of us…" the relative of 24-year-old Konstantina concluded, overwhelmed with sorrow.

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