Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Host A-List Lunch with Demi Moore Aboard Mega Yacht in Greece

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, aged 59, and his partner Lauren Sanchez, aged 53, have extended their voyage on their luxurious vessel for a duration surpassing one month. Throughout this journey, the couple has graciously entertained a notable array of celebrity guests, including Oprah Winfrey, aboard their extravagant yacht.

Adding yet another unexpected name to their burgeoning Hollywood connections, Bezos and Sanchez recently shared a convivial lunch with renowned A-list actress Demi Moore. The 60-year-old actress was observed enjoying the company of billionaire entrepreneur Bezos and his fiancée Sanchez, who were hosting the gathering aboard their opulent $500 million mega yacht, christened the "Koru." Moore brought along her diminutive lapdog, Pilaf, enhancing the congenial ambiance.

Radiating warmth, the newly-engaged couple warmly greeted the iconic actress and her cherished pet Chihuahua as they convened for lunch amidst the captivating vistas of Greece. This scenic location has been a backdrop to Bezos and Sanchez's month-long sojourn, during which they have welcomed esteemed guests like Kris Jenner and Bill Gates, fostering an environment of opulent camaraderie.

Amid the azure waters, Moore, accompanied by her friends Andreas and Athanasia Steggos, stepped aboard the yacht to enthusiastic embraces from Bezos and Sanchez. This enchanting encounter further solidified the eclectic network of relationships that Bezos and Sanchez have woven within the realm of Hollywood.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and fiancée Lauren Sanchez said they will give $100 million toward restoration efforts on Maui after deadly wildfires devastated the island.

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