One Croatian, one Albanian, and three Greeks are suspected of the murder in Athens

AEK Dinamo Zagreb riot 2023 police

After the murder of AEK fan Mihalis Kakouris, the Greek police narrowed down the circle of potential direct perpetrators of the most serious crime.

Among those arrested are three Greeks, one of whom has an extensive criminal record. Additionally, there is one Albanian and one Croatian.

Greek media continue to report all the information available to them about the murder that occurred late Monday evening in the Nea Philadelphia neighborhood, where a group of 150 armed "Blue Boys" attacked supporters of Athens' AEK football club.

In the fierce confrontation, Mihalis Kakouris was fatally wounded with a knife. From that moment, an extensive search for the perpetrators of this crime began, and the police have so far apprehended nearly all the troublemakers who will appear in court for the first time on Friday.

In the meantime, information has emerged that the circle of potential killers has been narrowed down. Greek media reports that the police have managed to isolate five main suspects for the murder among those arrested. Among them are a Croatian, an Albanian, and three Greeks.

The Greek portal "Newsit" writes that folding knives with blood on them were found on the Croatian and Albanian at the time of their arrest. They were immediately separated from the rest of those arrested near AEK's stadium. Of the three Greeks, two are 27 years old. All have extensive police records, and one of them had previously committed a robbery using a knife. Allegedly, this is the same supporter whose establishment was vandalized on Thursday by a group of unknown perpetrators who arrived in the neighborhood on motorcycles.

Although there are no details about that incident, it is assumed to have been a retaliatory action by AEK supporters. The police arrested the other Greek, a Panathinaikos fan after he bragged on social media the next day that he had participated in the attack on AEK's fans.

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