Turkey - Bahçeli copied Atatürk in military boots: "Cyprus is Turkish"

Devlet Bahçeli Turkey

A lot of provocative statements by Turkey and occupation officials in northern Cyprus following the attack on members of the UN Peacekeeping Team in the village of Pyla on the Green Line have done little to calm the situation.

In their statements on Saturday, Erdoğan's adviser, Akif Cagatay Kilic, the representative of the ruling party, Ömer Çelik, and Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs "placed" the responsibility for what happened on Friday on the UN and the Greek Cypriot side, speaking of "humanitarian projects".

Erdoğan's government partner, Devlet Bahçeli, followed in the challenges. The nationalist party leader shared a clip on social media, through which, as pointed out, attempts to send a "historical message".

In particular, the party leader can be seen walking to his office wearing black boots while a Turkish song, "Don't cry my love", plays. The clip is accompanied by the phrase "Cyprus is Turkish".

See the video:

Earlier, Bahçeli mentioned the incident in Pyla that "the government of the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' gave the members of the UN Peacekeeping Force the answer they deserved and eliminated the reckless attempts to obstruct their work. He is right, the interventions in the region are correct, and he has our full support."

The story behind Bahçeli's boots

With the boots Bahçeli wears, he attempts to copy Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and an episode starring him and an Italian official when signing the Treaty of Lausanne.

According to what the Turks claim, the Italian ambassador in Ankara had asked to meet with Atatürk, with the Turkish leader agreeing to make the appointment with him.

During the meeting, the Italian asked Turkey to concede Antalya and Rhodes. Atatürk then went into the next room, put on his military clothes and black boots, and returned to the meeting. According to the Turks, this development "scared" the Italians, who left without a word.

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