Despina Vandi in the gym: "For two months I consumed fried potatoes and raki"

Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi returned to the gym after her summer holidays with Vasilis Bisbikis and her daughter.

The singer is ready to burn the calories she consumed in the summer and uploaded a related video on TikTok tat the gym with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi and her partner Alexandros Polychroniadis.

Along with her mother in the gym, Melina Nikolaidi was also doing a treadmill while the singer was shooting the TikTok video.

In the clip, Despina Vandi, wearing her sports clothes, tells her followers:

"They accuse me of demoralising them because I said 'good autumn.' What should I say now, that I should spoil my diet? For two months, I consumed fried potatoes and a lot of raki, and now it's the first day of school again, which I don't want to, but I have to start."

Watch the video:


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Despina Vandi uploaded the above clip shortly after photos of her with Vasilis Bisbikis in the centre of Athens were released, having now returned to everyday life.

In the photos, the couple were seen walking hand in hand in the city centre, probably for a stroll. The singer wore an orange sheer top and white baggy pants, while her partner wore a black baggy top and Bermuda shorts.

See the photos:

Despina Vandi and her partner made another public appearance a few days ago. The couple went to Epidaurus to see the play "Oedipus Tyrranos", starring Yiannis Stankoglou.

A close friendship connects the actor and Vasilis Bisbikis, while they starred together in the series "This Night Stays".

The camera spotted Despina Vandi and her lover outside the ancient theatre, and they posed smiling, holding each other's hand.

The singer and the actor chose summer looks, with wide pants, while Despina Vandi also wore a green kimono. They completed their face with black sandals.

See the photos:

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