Blue Horizon: "They threatened to throw me overboard," says traveller following tragic death

blue horizon

Frozen, shocked, horrified, speechless, no matter how many adjectives are used, they cannot describe the unimaginable murder of 36-year-old Antonis Karyotis by members of the crew of the passenger ship Blue Horizon of the Attica Group, which was operating yesterday on the Piraeus- Heraklion route.

The videos prove the criminal action of the two crew members who did not allow the 36-year-old to board the ship, even though he had paid for a ticket but had left the boat for a while and tried to board at the last moment.

They pushed him to get off the ramp that had not yet fully detached from the pier, and fell into the water; he drowned. But even if he knew how to swim, could a person escape from the waves created by the ship's propellers as it departs?

The murder of the 36-year-old by Agios Nikolaos Lasithiou has caused enormous outrage, with thousands of users even writing abusive comments about the shipping company and the ship's crew that murdered Antonis Karyotis.

Many people refer to their personal experience with the crew of a particular ship.

"...I argued with one of those lavenders (yes, the ones with the white ones you saw in the video), whose name I still have withheld, and on the occasion of my argument with him, it is understood that 6-7 lavenders were collected from them, I was attacked and pushed off the ship altogether, (fortunately 2-3 minutes before it started), and even this particular guy he said to me verbatim: 'WE WILL THROW YOU INTO THE SEA'... raising his hands and hitting my chest with his fists...," said one user, reported Proto Thema.

"I immediately called the Coast Guard, and the people came within 3 minutes. I explained to them exactly what happened, and they urged me to file a lawsuit, which I decided to do..... but I didn't file a case because the ship had to wait until we all went to the department and cleared up the matter, and I didn't want to put 1,000 people on board to trouble...

"But his name, as I told you, I withheld... And the faces of most of them ...

"And then comes last night, when I find out that....... they meant that they would eventually throw me into the sea too...... They probably have it for fun over there at Blue Horizon."

Testimonies of people on social media who knew Antonis Karyotis state that the 36-year-old was a person with special needs, that he came and went to Piraeus and always boarded the ship at the last minute.

"Disabled Antonis Karyotis, the 36-year-old from Agios Nikolaos Lasithi, Crete, who members of the Blue Horizon crew killed by pushing him off the ship. I am ashamed of human nature; I am ashamed of being human. Does human life have no value anymore?' wrote a user.

The charge of manslaughter is jointly faced by the four members of the crew of the Attica Group's Blue Horizon after the murderous action against the 36-year-old, who was pushed into the sea. Those arrested are accused of violating articles of the Public Maritime Law Code.

In addition to the captain, Blue Horizon's mate, a second officer, and the deck officer have been arrested.

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