Rainstorm Daniel: Two dead, three missing as massive storms sweeps Greece

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Two people died during the storm Daniel sweeping Greece as of Tuesday.

According to the Fire Brigade, an 87-year-old woman missing yesterday in the Paltsi, Magnesia region, was found in a pile of wood. At the same time, eight firefighters managed to recover her body.

On Tuesday, a 51-year-old man died when a wall fell due to the high quantity of water.

Additionally, the Fire Brigade said there is information for two missing persons in the village of Paltsi.

Another 42-year-old man swept away by flood waters at the stream, Aghia Ekaterini of Volos, is also missing.

Messages via the emergency number 112 were sent to the residents of Karditsa and Farsala advising them to stay indoors due to dangerous weather phenomena.

The Operations Center of the Fire Brigade has received 1,196 calls from Tuesday morning until Wednesday at 6 am for pumping water, cutting trees and removing people to safe places.

According to the updated Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena issued today by the National Meteorological Service (EMY), the severe weather conditions, causing particularly intense phenomena with heavy rains and storms, a high frequency of lightning, strong winds in the Aegean and lower temperatures, will continue until Thursday.

More specifically, showers and rainstorms are forecast for Wednesday with easterly winds that are expected to reach 7 on the Beaufort scale. Rainstorms in the northern parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 18C to 28C.

Clouds, rain and thunderstorms until the afternoon in the western parts and temperatures between 18C and 28C.

Storms in the eastern parts with temperatures between 18C and 28C. Clouds and showers in the Aegean islands and Crete, 23C-31C. Rain and rainstorms in Athens, 22C-28C. Heavy rainfall in Thessaloniki, 18C-26C.

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