Greek Ferry Crew Faces Homicide Charges in Tragic Passenger Incident at Piraeus Port

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In a tragic incident at the main port of Piraeus, a Greek island ferry captain and three crew members are now facing homicide charges for their involvement in the death of a tardy passenger. The victim, identified as Andonis Kargiotis, 36, tried to force his way onto the departing vessel as it was leaving port.

The incident, captured on video and widely shared on social media, has sparked outrage throughout Greece. The footage shows the passenger running onto the loading ramp of the Blue Horizon ferry, which was still down on the quay. Despite attempts by two crew members to stop him and push him off the ramp, the man managed to step onto it once again. At that point, one crew member forcefully pushed him off, and he disappeared into the turbulent waters created by the ferry's powerful screws. Shockingly, the crew appeared to make no effort to assist him. The ferry continued its journey towards Crete before being ordered to return to Piraeus.

In another video, a crew member can be heard informing passengers that the departure was delayed due to an incident for which the ship bore no responsibility.

The coast guard later recovered the man's lifeless body from the harbor waters, with drowning determined as the cause of death in the subsequent autopsy.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his deep dismay over the incident, condemning the combination of irresponsible behavior and indifference that led to the tragic outcome. He emphasized that such behavior does not reflect the kind of country they aspire to be.

Shipping Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis strongly condemned the crew members' actions, labeling them as "illegal acts" and a violation of the long-standing principle followed by Greek seamen to rescue individuals at sea rather than casting them into it. He announced an investigation into the response of port police during the incident.

Attica Group, the company that owns the Blue Horizon ferry, initially issued a brief statement expressing devastation and pledging cooperation with authorities. In a subsequent lengthier statement, they expressed sorrow for the victim's death and committed to conducting an investigation into the incident, which they described as "unthinkable."

The ferry's captain, first mate, and two other crew members appeared before a Piraeus prosecutor to face formal charges later on Wednesday.

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