Evacuation and restoration operations continue in Thessaly following disaster flooding


Evacuation operations continue in Thessaly following disaster flooding that hit the region with authorities try to restore road networks and warning of  flooding at Lake Karla.

According to Greek authorities, the situation continues to be difficult for the inhabitants of Volos, the capital of the regional unit of Magnesia, who are still without drinking water. According to scientists, tap water in the coastal city is still unsafe to drink.

At the same time, EYDAP water company crews are working round the clock to repair the enormous damage suffered by the entire water supply network of Magnesia's capital and restore normality to the lives of thousands of people.

Within Volos, where air quality is poor because of dust from the drying of mud left by the floodwater, efforts to clean the neighbourhoods and roads of the city continue.

There has been particular concern in the last few hours in the north of Magnesia near Lake Karla, where the water level is constantly rising and threatens to flood even larger areas of the Thessalian plain between the prefectures of Magnesia and Larissa.

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