Daniel Storm: Standing water, mud and dead animals threaten residents and rescuers in Thessaly


With the Thessalian plain turned into a vast animal graveyard, rescue forces still trying to help those affected, and restoration crews trying to bring order to the chaos, anxiety about the health effects of the devastation from the Daniel storm is at its peak.

The pain and anxiety about tomorrow remain a week after the devastating floods and mudslides. Thousands of animals are lying dead all over the Thessalian plain due to the heavy downpour, while many others are trying to stay alive, as the water in many places has not receded.

Video by Golden Movies captures terrifying images of farms in Larissa, with dead animals lying among others that remain - for now - alive, as many of them do not have clean water and food to survive.

Alarm bell from scientists: The assistant professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the University of Athens, Gkikas Magiorkinis, spoke about the risk of disease transmission in the flooded areas.

Mr. Majorkinis pointed out, speaking to ERT, that the main risk in the first phase is gastroenteritis due to water contact with microbes from the drains.

Regarding the 46 cases of gastroenteritis announced today, Mrs. Agapidaki stated: "I don't know if this number is much higher than the season because gastroenteritis does exist anyway."

He emphasised that any contact with contaminated drinking water or stagnant water through the mouth or eyes carries the risk of transmission, not only drinking but also using it to brush teeth, etc. There is also a fear of hepatitis, mainly hepatitis A and E, although fortunately, no cases have been reported yet.

There is a vaccine for hepatitis A, so most people have had it in their childhood. In addition, in other instances of flooding, leptospirosis cases have been reported due to the death of rodents (mice, rats) that are carriers of the disease.

However, this increase is expected to be seen after some time because the incubation time is 7-14 days.

The professor advised the residents of the affected areas not to come into contact with the mud without wearing protective shoes and waterproof pants and not to contact the dead animals.

Regarding mosquitoes, he stressed that the conditions favour the proliferation of mosquitoes. And because the region is endemic for West Nile virus, we will probably see an increase in cases in the coming days or weeks.

Telephone line available to flood victims for public health issues

Information for citizens who live in the areas affected by the floods on matters related to public health and hygiene offers a telephone line.

Citizens of the areas affected by the floods can call daily, from 08:00 to 20:00, on the telephone lines 2132161123-4 to be informed about Public Health and Sanitation matters.

The Athens-Thessaloniki national road is closed – There are problems with the trains, too.

The national highway remains closed after the floods caused by the Daniel Storm.

It is recalled that traffic in PATHE has been suspended from X/Θ 471+481 (boundaries with Thessaloniki Traffic Directorate) to X/Θ 400+265 (boundaries with Larissa Police Department), excluding those of the above vehicles whose final destination is the Pieria Regional Unit. Vehicle traffic is conducted from the junction at Kleidi Imathia and through Egnatia Road, heading towards Athens.

At the meeting on Monday morning at the coordination centre set up in Larissa, there was also an overview of the state of the road network in the area of ​​the Larissa-Karditsa-Trikala triangle, according to which:

• All the main road arteries are now open, except for the Trikala - Larissa axis, which is now accessible to the assistance vehicles and the machines carrying out work to be opened and given to traffic.
• The E65 highway is also open.
• The Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway remains closed).

In any case, the cleaning work of the remaining provincial and forest roads continues with every available means. At the same time, the Greek Police recommend that drivers who move in the area at slow speeds take special care to follow the instructions of the authorities located at the points.

What was also found is that the problem is more significant in the railway connection between Athens and Thessaloniki as the damage to the railway network is enormous, and the restoration will take a much more extended period.

Bad weather Daniel: Without electricity, large parts of Volos and Nea Ionia

In the dark, she suddenly plunged a few minutes after 20:30 yesterday, large parts of Volos for an unknown reason until now.

Many areas, in addition to the interruption of the electricity supply, were also left without the non-potable water that is provided intermittently in central regions of Volos, further exacerbating the problematic situation experienced by thousands of residents of the capital of Magnesia due to the drought in the area.

At 2,235, the rescues and rescues by the Armed Forces

The number of citizens freed with the Armed Forces' assistance in Thessaly reached 2,235. More detail, they assisted 445 people, 29 people from the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Response Company in 5 groups, 80 graduated civil engineers and 5 Health officers.

The Armed Forces have provided 57 construction machines, 70 utility vehicles, one bridge, ten generators, 71 rescue boats, two ambulances and nine buses from land.

From flying means, nine helicopters have been deployed: two Chinooks, one AS 332, one S-70, 3 UH-1H, one AB 205 and one B-212. From watercraft, a frigate and a tanker have been deployed.

Also, the Armed Forces have provided 17,160 litres of fuel, 1,140 ranches, 1,545 blankets, 400 rugs, 10 tables and 42 chairs.

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