Turkish analyst: "Power balance in the Aegean changed in Greece's favour with the Rafale and the F-16 Viper"

Turkish analyst Mesut Hakkı Caşın

The Turkish analyst and academic Mesut Hakkı Caşın spoke for a change in the balance of power in the Aegean in favour of Greece, sounding the alarm for the Greek supremacy being created in the airwaves between the two countries.

Speaking on a show, Caşın presented how the situation is shaping up for Turkey after the new equipment programs of our country and, especially those concerning the Air Force.

"They didn't give us the F-16s, but Greece got the Rafale fighters. Also, while Greece has S-300s, they also gave them Patriots but also upgraded their F-16s to Vipers together after the Rafales. This is how the balance of power in the Aegean changed," the Turkish academic pointed out.

He also stressed that Turkey must renew its aircraft fleet until it acquires its own domestic fighter.

“By the time we build our own Kaan fighter and it's ready, we need 100-150 pilots. And this can be done with the purchase of 40 F-16s and the upgrading of another 80," he said.

Caşın also expressed the public concern that is increasingly being raised publicly in Turkey about Greece's equipment changing the balance in the Aegean.

From time to time, Caşın has expressed extreme and aggressive rhetoric against our country, sometimes threatening Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that: "neither the Americans nor the French" will save Greece and that Turkey will "take everything" by force of weapons.

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