Turks caught spying on Poros naval base were Grey Wolves ultra-nationalists - Greek intelligence took over the case

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The two Turkish citizens arrested for espionage testified to the Piraeus investigator today. The Turks were monitoring the naval base in Poros with a drone. Now, the authorities are examining the material in their possession, as they may have also filmed other military installations.

However, their action was noticed last Saturday. In Poros, the two men arrived on Friday afternoon on their two large-capacity, grey-black BMW motorcycles with Far-Right "Grey Wolves" stickers and badges that read "Alone wolf".

They had booked a room in a hotel on the island in the name of M.T. When they lifted the drone over the Poros naval base, they had yet to give a target.

According to Proto Thema, the drone took off at about 7 a.m., and the Navy base's flight—and videotaping—lasted about 10 minutes. What the two defendants did in the 3 hours between their departure from Poros remains unknown.

The authorities were informed about the suspicious flight and the two drone operators a few hours later. After their identification was completed (it was found that they were Turkish citizens), the search for them began.

However, the Turkish citizens accused of espionage had left Poros in the direction of Galata early in the morning.

With the prosecution filing an espionage case, search warrants were issued, and a search was launched for the two Turks on their long-distance-equipped motorcycles in the Peloponnese.

Finally, the two "lone wolves" were located in Monemvasia, where they had booked rooms in a hotel. Police arrested them as they entered the hotel restaurant. A team from the National Intelligence Service was also at the scene.

The authorities have the mobile phones of the two arrested in their hands, the digital files recorded by their drone and other digital evidence.

These will be examined by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has taken over the case and will interrogate the two Turkish citizens accused of espionage, evaluating the recording material. After assessing the seriousness of the issue, it will be assigned to the competent authorities.

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