Central Greece Hit by Destructive Storm "Elias," Leaving Widespread Flooding and Damage


In a devastating turn of events, central Greece has been battered by a powerful storm named Elias, unleashing torrential rains that have caused extensive damage to the region. This disaster comes just three weeks after a series of heavy rains led to the loss of 16 lives in the broader area.

The relentless storm, Elias, wreaked havoc in the central city of Volos, resulting in severe flooding and leaving hundreds of residents stranded in nearby mountain villages. In response to the crisis, the fire service conducted numerous rescue operations and evacuations to ensure the safety of affected individuals.

Central Greece Hit by Destructive Storm "Elias," Leaving Widespread Flooding and Damage 1

Achilleas Beos, the mayor of Volos, expressed the dire situation, stating, "All of Volos has turned into a lake. People's lives are in danger. Even I remained trapped, and 80% of the city was without power... I don't know where God found so much water. It's like the story of Noah's Ark."

Given the situation's gravity, authorities have banned all road travel, emphasizing the need for residents to stay sheltered indoors. In a desperate attempt to safeguard their homes and belongings, Volos residents resorted to using plastic buckets to remove mud that had inundated their residences.

Among those affected is 83-year-old Apostolis Dafereras, who has been a resident of a suburb in the city since 1955. In the wake of Storm Elias, more than 250 people have been evacuated from the area, with the fire brigade reporting an astounding 1,200 calls for assistance.

The most significant damage has been concentrated in Volos and the northern regions of the nearby island of Evia. Having experienced massive wildfires just two years ago, this area was especially susceptible to flooding. Water levels in the city and its suburbs surged dramatically within hours, with an adjacent stream overflowing and exacerbating the flooding crisis.

This catastrophe has taken a toll on the affected areas' human and natural aspects, with tens of thousands of animals perishing and valuable crops being washed away. The affected residents are grappling with the aftermath of this disaster as they strive to recover from the widespread devastation.

Storm Elias also continued its path of destruction across the Mediterranean, extending from Greece to Libya, where it contributed to a catastrophic flood that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives in the coastal city of Derna.

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