Eleni Tsolaki Supports Vasilis Karras' Health Battle and Predicts Victory

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Eleni Tsolaki and her team on her show wanted to make their own comment on the recent reports regarding Vasilis Karras' health. The TV presenter referred to her acquaintance with the popular singer and the battle he is currently fighting for his life.

Initially, through the airwaves of the "Proino Sussu" show, she said:

"We want to send a big kiss and all our love to Vasilis Karras, this unique performer, this wonderful person, this amazing soul. Anyone who has known him has great stories to tell.

No matter how many years have passed, Vasilis Karras has remained a giving, sweet person. I happen to know him for quite a few years from Thessaloniki, and we have talked many times. He will advise you, he will embrace you, whenever he sees passion in someone's eyes, he is there to help them."

Eleni Tsolaki added:

"In recent days, we have heard a lot about his health. The truth is that Vasilis Karras is fighting his own battle, his fight with all of us, with all of Greece that loves him faithfully.

Vasilis Karras will emerge victorious. It is immoral, I consider it tragic, to spread false news. It shows no respect, you don't play with anyone's health and sensitive personal data."

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