Vatses: Astypalaia's atmospheric beach

Vatses beach, Astypalaia

We could be more objective with Astypalaia, but we must be fair. We are excited about everything there. Chora town, probably the most beautiful of the Aegean, becomes even more beautiful when you look at it from afar, driving on the (small) road network. The calm waters on its beaches. The aura and the architecture of an island that administratively belongs to the Dodecanese but is more reminiscent of the Cyclades.

Despite being challenging to access, Vatses Beach, one of the most popular on the island, was the focus of Travel. To get there, you will need to drive for a large part of the way on a dirt road. It is tricky in some places, but you will fall in love.

The beach is between two rocky heights on the southwest side of Astypalaia. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with pebbles in most of it but also with sand near the water. The seabed here is excellent; if you like snorkelling, wear your mask.

Vatses beach, Astipalea

Vatses beach, Astipalea

Vatses attracts young people. One of the reasons for its popularity is the beach bar, which serves excellent cocktails and plays good music, while all this happens in a relaxed and noisy way.

At the same time - due to the dirt road - the beach is hardly full even in high season, and while it is small, you can isolate yourself. Some trees provide natural shade and plenty of space to set up your umbrella.

Vatses is in such a geographical position that it becomes shady early in the afternoon, so if you come at such a time, you won't even need an umbrella.

Vatses beach, Astipalea

The Cave. of Negros

According to tradition, its name comes from the name of a pirate who used it as a hiding place for his treasures (don't try to look, there aren't any).

On the left side of the beach, there is the "small Vatses", a small pebbly shore that is not visible from the main beach. You can get there by swimming 100-200 meters from Vatses.

It is good to choose to visit this particular beach on a day without wind, as it is mainly affected by it.

How to get there

You will need about 25 minutes from Chora to reach, with about 3/4 of the route being a dirt road and challenging in some places.

On the road before Kaminakia (also a lovely beach), you will meet a fork and follow the signs. We suggest you come back to your accommodation before sunset to avoid the hassle of driving on a dirt road at night. Of course, another approach is by boat.

Tips for beautiful holidays in Astypalaia

Transport is more than necessary on the island, and you will probably need to drive on a dirt road.

Astypalaia is leading the way in the green transition and environmental protection. It is an island where you can move with an electric vehicle. I've included more details here.

The Town of Astypalaia "suffers" from the winds in August. Bringing at least one long-sleeved shirt with you is a good idea.


Many beaches of the island are inaccessible by road. It is worth spending a day in Astypalaia for an excursion with tourist boats from Pera Gialos that depart daily (as long as the weather permits, of course) for the remote beaches of the island but also for the islets of Kounoupes and Koutsomytis.

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