Land workers: Pakistanis and Albanians are leaving Greece, Vietnamese are coming


Vietnam will probably be the new source of land workers for Greece after the reduced interest in working in the fields of Albanians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and others.

With nationals of Albania, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India forming the basis of the migrant workforce in the Greek countryside, new seasonal workers from Vietnam and Indonesia are being added to the mix, expected to help rescue domestic agricultural businesses from production losses, ProNews reported.

One thousand five hundred fifty land workers from Vietnam are already working in different parts of the country, with the first twenty having settled in Aegialia and offering their services, contributing to the production process.

The specific workers have been allocated at the level of the Region and not the Regional Unit, but the number of movements was determined by the requests submitted. Only 40% was covered in the end. This program has a two-year option.

The workers from the Asian country who work in the wider region of Aegialia for this summer, which ends this year, are part of an institutional framework that governs the labour relations of the exchange of workers and provides for specific remuneration from their employers, insurance coverage, regular hours and working days but and all government benefits that a worker may generally have.

The professional producers and farmers who have hired the Asians already working on their crops, by law, must also provide them with accommodation for the duration of their stay in the area. Some Vietnamese already working on Achaean properties will remain until the first months of next year, when the fixed-term contract for this year expires.

The program will continue next summer (in 2024) when more than 450 land workers are expected to come to Aegialia, unless unforeseen, from Vietnam or other neighbouring countries.

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