Electric cars have outsold diesels in Greece!


Greeks choose gasoline as their main fuel, immediately after hybrids, while their third choice of "fuel" is electricity...

Until a few years ago, we could not even imagine that vehicles with diesel engines would lose their place to those that plug into an electrical socket.

However, the production of new electric models, the growth of Plug-in hybrids and the cessation of the production of vehicles with diesel engines changed the mix, together with the share in the Greek market.

According to official data of the S.E.A.A. (Association of Importers of Automobile Dealers) in September, the vehicles that are plugged in and concern purely electric ones, as well as those that combine batteries and a thermal engine (Plug-in hybrid), reached a percentage of 16.2%.

Compared to the corresponding month last year, the increase reached 8.5 share points. Since the beginning of the year, the percentage has reached 10.5% from 7.1%, which concerned January – September 2022.

10.9% drop in diesels

In turn, diesel fell to 11.5% in September, showing a drop of 10.9 (!) units compared to the corresponding month last year, while if we compare them with rechargeable, the percentage difference reaches 4.7 units!

Since the beginning of the year, diesel engines occupy 13.7%, with the drop compared to January – September 2022 reaching -2.3%.

However, the largest percentage is held by gasoline cars, as they occupied 40.2% in September.

diesel fuel car petrol

However, the increase in September (by 4.5 points) is temporary as there is a drop of 2.9% in the whole year, from 46% to 43.2%. In second place were hybrids, with a percentage of 29.1% for September.

Finally, we should note that LPG vehicles in September accounted for 2.8%, while natural gas vehicles accounted for 0.2%.

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