Azerbaijan "flirts" with the recognition of occupied Cyprus: "Turkish state must act together"

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Ersin Tatar

The Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, had a 40-minute meeting today in Baku with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

It is not the first time that they have met while rumours of Azerbaijan's recognition of the pseudo-state are growing under the guidance and pressure of Turkey, Proto Thema reported.

Turkish Cypriot media claim that the meeting took place at the Presidential Palace, while other information claims that the two men met at the country house of the Azeri President.

In the photos released, no flags are visible. At the same time, Tatars and Aliyev have as a background a painting with the crescent moon, Cyprus and the banner of the pseudo-state at the top of the image, which was the souvenir gift of the Turkish Cypriot leader to the President of Azerbaijan.

An announcement on the official website of the Presidency of Azerbaijan states that tourism, science, education and student exchange issues were discussed at the meeting.

Aliyev expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and spoke about historical ties between the peoples of the Turkic world and the opportunities for expanding cooperation between the "peoples" in the humanitarian field and in the areas of culture, education and sports.

He pointed to the role played by the Organization of Turkic States as an effective platform. He expressed the hope that the peoples of the Turkic world will continue to develop relations in various fields.

Azerbaijan, he continued, has always contributed to the unity of the Turkish world and will remain committed to this unity. The activities of the pseudo-state as an observer member of the Organization of Turkish States were also discussed at the meeting.

Aliyev, noting that the pseudo-state has been an observer in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for a long time, said: "Therefore, it is very logical that the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' has observer status to the Organization of Turkish States."

Three "states", one nation

"Today is a historic day here in Baku," Tatar told reporters after the meeting. He characterised his meeting with Aliyev as constructive, who - he said - expressed his support.

"I told him the expression 'three states, one nation,' and he supported it," he said.

He stated that Aliyev told him, "he will renew the instructions for the study of further strengthening of relations between the 'TRNC' and Azerbaijan through tourism, education and cultural activities."

Tatar also claimed that the pseudo-state became an observer member of the Organization of Turkic States with the efforts of the President of Turkey and the support of the President of Azerbaijan.

"For the ancient ties in the Turkish world to move forward, the other Turkish states must continue to support us, we must act together," the Turkish Cypriot leader added.

He continued that Turkey's presence in Cyprus is essential for political stability in the region and stated that Azerbaijan is a sister country supporting these processes. Tatar also said he follows what is happening in Karabakh and supports it wholeheartedly.

The Turkish Cypriot leader stated that he had the opportunity to evaluate with Aliyev his new policy in the Cyprus issue, saying that the greatest strength of the Turkish Cypriot "people" is the support of the motherland of Turkey, Azerbaijan and the entire Turkish world.

"We do not overlook anyone's rights as long as no one usurps our rights," he said, adding "Azerbaijan also sought its rights and got them."

He spoke of "isolating the Turkish Cypriots" as an attempt to bring them to their knees to give up their independence, but – he added – the Turkish Cypriots will not fall for this trick.

"Our motherland, the Republic of Turkey, has always been with us. Now, with other Turkish states like Azerbaijan standing by us, we see that this struggle we are doing is slowly yielding results."

In this regard, he continued, his visit to Azerbaijan was essential, and he thanked all the people of Azerbaijan and the officials who warmly welcomed them.

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