Greek media entered the martyred town of Sderot, Israel - Watch the video

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Greek reporter Frixos Drakontidis is in Israel documenting the developments in the war with Hamas minute-by-minute and secured exclusive images from the martyred town of Sderot, on the border with Gaza, with the ruins of the building that housed the police station.

The town of Sderot has been evacuated since 11 a.m., and no one is walking around except for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers. One of the fiercest battles between Hamas terrorists and the Israeli army occurred in this city.

Proto Thema reporter Frixos Drakontides described that Hamas terrorists had seized the police station and killed 30 civilians. After the intervention of the Israeli army, it was levelled.

Watch the video of Sderot:


It is recalled that the city of Sderot was bombarded with rockets by Hamas in an attempt to respond to the attacks launched by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. Sderot is a city located just seven kilometres from Gaza, with dozens of correspondents, including Greek journalists at the town.

Watch video of the Hamas bombings in Sderot:

The last inhabitants leave, given the land operation

Three buses, with about fifty passengers each, waited outside a school in the centre of Sderot, preparing to depart. The residents of this Israeli city, which Hamas attacked on October 7, are being asked to evacuated.

As sirens constantly blare, warning of rockets from the neighbouring Gaza Strip, the few residents left in Sderot take to the streets instead of going to shelters. Their destination is the hotels of Eilat, on the Red Sea, at the southernmost tip of Israel. Some head to Jerusalem, others to Tel Aviv.

See images from the evacuation of the city of Sderot:

Mordechai Barsheset, 57, says he "resisted" for a week but was finally persuaded to leave for Eilat. "We are afraid to stay here. Day and night kasam (rockets) and explosions. We sleep for an hour, we hide in the shelter, we can't bathe, we can't shave," he says.

Sderot, a town of 30,000, has been the target of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip for years. On October 7, like other communities bordering the Palestinian enclave, it was attacked by armed members of Hamas who killed dozens of people on the street, in shelters, in their homes.

Many were kidnapped and their families have no information about their fate.

Only a few policemen roamed the deserted streets now.

The municipality stressed that the evacuation is not mandatory but "strongly recommended" given the army's ground operation in Gaza. According to Israeli media, about half of the residents had left the city after October 7.

"We will go to Eilat and return as soon as possible. Sderot is our home. It's hard, we're scared at every alarm, we have to leave, it's better for the children," said 50-year-old Helen Afteker before boarding a bus.

Smrit Edri gave birth three days ago in Ashkelon Hospital. Her newborn daughter is in the intensive care unit, and her dad is looking after her because Smrit will have to accompany her three other children south to safety.

"I'll go back to the hospital; we'll take turns," she explained.

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