Thanos Petrelis on his life before music: "I worked with my father in construction"

Thanos Petrelis

Thanos Petrelis spoke about his choice to work in music, the fake profiles made for him on social networks, and his life before he became professionally involved in singing.

In particular, Thanos Petrelis gave an interview to the magazine "Loipon".

Regarding social media and whether he's ever been put in a difficult position, the well-known singer said: "They've created fake profiles with my name, and they're pretending to be me. They even ask people for money, which needs a lot of attention."

"People must be careful who they talk to, especially when asking for money. When they inform me that something like this is happening, I report to the specific profiles, and luckily, they are taken down," he added.

On his decision to follow the path of the song, he commented: "It was the best thing I did, I would be ungrateful to say otherwise. I always had it as a dream. It's something I love. I thought there was no way I could get in, but definitely because of the game, I quickly got into people's homes."

While regarding his previous work in construction, he noted: "I worked with my father in construction, yes it is something very difficult. There are no rules, whether it's cold or hot, and it's hard work."

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