The Liberation of Samothrace: A Triumph Marked by the Resolute Flagship "Georgios Averof"

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On October 19, 1912, a momentous event unfolded – the Liberation of Samothrace. The clock struck 10 a.m. as the majestic flagship "Georgios Averof" gracefully sailed into the harbor, accompanied by two formidable battleships. The vessel anchored near the tranquil cove of Kamariotissa, where a group of courageous marines disembarked with unwavering resolve.

The Ottoman garrison, situated on the island, soon realized the futility of their resistance in the face of Greek determination. Their spirit faltering and their strength waning, the garrison surrendered, acknowledging the indomitable force of the Greek fleet and its valiant warriors.

With their victory secured, a triumphant wave of emotion swept over the island. As the Greek flag was ceremoniously hoisted high into the sky, the air filled with resounding echoes of jubilation. One fervent cry reverberated above all others, "Christ is Risen!" – a declaration of liberation, a rallying cry for newfound freedom, and a testament to the steadfast faith of the Greek nation.

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