IPTO signs MoU with Cyprus Transmission System Operator (CTSO)

20231021 165021

The Memorandum of Cooperation (MoU) signed by the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) and the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (CTSO) is another important milestone for the further extension of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel interconnection.

Based on the MoU, IPTO will provide technical services to CTSO, given that the Greece-Cyprus-Israel interconnection requires close cooperation between the two operators in order to closely examine their operating systems, taking into account the special characteristics of each system.

IPTO and CTSO confirm their common interest in cooperating so that they will proceed with the rapid and seamless implementation of the project. Utilizing the know-how it has acquired in HVDC technology submarine interconnection projects, IPTO will offer technical assistance services to CTSO in relation to the Greece-Cyprus-Israel interconnection in fields such as the preparation of technical studies and analyzes for the interconnection, operating systems, evaluation of technical aspects of connection design and equipment, etc.

In addition, the cooperation memorandum provides for the exchange of information – among other things – on the legal framework that will govern the project, as well as environmental permits, so that all the required procedures can proceed as quickly as possible.

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