Greece Bolsters Security and Surveillance at Migrant Camps Amid Concerns of Radical Islamist Threat

20231021 163027

Amid concerns over the rise of radical Islamists, Greece has taken steps to enhance security and surveillance at refugee camps in the country.

This move comes as a response to radical Islamist calls for jihad following the Israel-Hamas conflict. The country has heightened its national alert level to Code 4, just below the highest level, in order to boost security measures. Greek intelligence officials are particularly focused on the potential radicalization of some Islamist elements within the camps, as they fear that it could lead to terrorist attacks similar to recent incidents in Brussels and Arras, where individuals claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group.

While Greek politicians, including Migration and Asylum Minister Dimitris Keridis, claim that the situation is under control, intelligence officials are not taking any chances.

They have increased surveillance at the camps to monitor any suspicious activities or plans, including monitoring social media platforms that incite violence. There is a concern that dormant cells of radical Islamists within these camps could be mobilized for extremist actions. Additionally, there is also apprehension regarding a potential influx of migrants caused by the Gaza crisis, which could destabilize the region.

This includes Palestinians from Gaza, as well as migrants from Egypt and Lebanon who are already seeking passage to the West, fleeing persecution in the Middle East and sub-Saharan African states like Sudan.

Greece has sided with Israel in its efforts against Hamas, but it has also urged Israel to prevent a humanitarian crisis that could spill over into neighboring states and Europe, as this has been previously exploited by Islamist extremists. The country remains wary of a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis, where radical Islamists entered Europe by posing as migrants. Two individuals who used forged Syrian passports to enter France illegally were implicated in deadly attacks that year. While experts do not anticipate large-scale coordinated terrorist attacks in Europe, they emphasize the potential for individuals to respond to calls for violence.

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