Tourism Sees 22.6 Million Arrivals in the 8th Month from Jan to Aug- Germans and British Lead the Way

Paros island

In the eighth month, tourism in Greece witnessed a significant increase, with arrivals reaching 22.6 million visitors. Notably, Germans and British tourists held the lead in contributing to this growth according to information from the bank of Greece.

A closer look reveals that this surge can be attributed to a 9.8% increase in receipts from residents of EU-27 countries, amounting to 8,155 billion euros, as well as a 21.3% increase in receipts from residents of non-EU-27 countries, amounting to 6,104 billion euros.

Breaking down the data further, receipts from residents of euro area countries amounted to 6.51 billion euros, showing a 9.7% increase. Receipts from residents of EU-27 countries outside the euro area increased by 10.1%, totaling 1.63 billion euros. Specifically, receipts from Germany increased by 1.1%, reaching 2.3 billion euros, while receipts from France increased by 14.3% to reach 1.13 billion euros. Receipts from the United Kingdom, outside the EU-27, rose by 4.9% to reach 2.36 billion euros. Moreover, receipts from the United States saw a significant increase of 24.5%, amounting to 938.0 million euros, while those from Russia increased by 2.9% to 26.7 million euros.

In terms of incoming travel traffic, airport arrivals grew by 12.4%, while travel through road border stations witnessed an even higher increase of 38.4%.

During the reviewed period, travel traffic from EU-27 countries totaled 13,827.6 thousand travelers, reflecting a 15.9% increase compared to the corresponding period in 2022. Travel traffic from countries outside the EU-27 experienced a more significant rise of 22.6%, totaling 8,821.5 thousand travelers. Travel traffic from euro area countries grew by 10.3%, while travel traffic from EU-27 countries outside the euro area saw an impressive increase of 27.7%.

Specifically, travel traffic from Germany increased by 6.1% to reach 3,070.1 thousand travelers, while travel traffic from France grew by 7.3% to reach 1,410.3 thousand travelers. In regard to countries outside the EU-27, travel traffic from the United Kingdom saw a slight increase of 0.3% to 3,016.0 thousand travelers, and travel traffic from the USA witnessed a remarkable surge of 44.9% to 937.7 thousand travelers. On the other hand, travel traffic from Russia experienced a decline of 5.0%, totaling 25.5 thousand travelers.


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