Frogs | World's First Film in Ancient Greek!


"Frogs" is the first film made using Ancient Greek and is now dubbed. Viewers will be able to see both the text in ancient Greek and the modern Greek translation in the subtitles.

The film is a production of Iuvenalis Pictures, a non-professional production company, created entirely by volunteer students with a limited budget and co-produced by "Hellenic Education", as Adonis Georgiadis wrote in X.

The Minister of Labor also credited his wife Eugenia Manolidou for her contribution.

"The first film in Ancient Greek made by Ancient Greek Students from Belgium and @EllinikiAgogi is a co-producer, is worth seeing. You will like it. Hail to @ManolidouE, ” he wrote on X.

The actors are graduates of the Catholic University of Leuven

The actors and crew of Iuvenalis Pictures are graduates of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, who specialise in classical languages ​​and have a deep passion for (ancient) culture and the art of cinema.

With the film, they seek to provide educational material mainly for the Greek language course in secondary education. Iuvenalis Pictures aims to highlight the power and value of ancient stories for modern society and stimulate the public's interest in the Ancient Greek language, literature and culture.

The actors in the film use the Erasmian accent, which closely aligns with the accent commonly used in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

However, on the initiative of Hellenic Education, a second version was created in this video that uses the Greek accent to satisfy as many viewers as possible.

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