Protest in Athens to support Palestinians and demand an end to the bloodshed in Gaza

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Thousands of protestors attended a rally and march in Athens on Sunday, calling for an end to hostilities and the killing of Palestinians in Gaza. With the slogan "Freedom for Palestine", the protestors passed in front of the Israeli Embassy in Athens for about half an hour,demanding a "Stop to the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza!"

The rally started in Eleftherias Park, with speakers calling for "an end to the Israeli occupation, for a free Palestine with the 1967 border and East Jerusalem as its capital."
The protestors condemned the Greek government's decision to abstain during the vote at the United Nations of Jordan's resolution for a humanitarian truce in Gaza.
The rally was attended by a large Communist Party of Greece (KKE) delegation and the ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in Greece. It was hailed by the Palestinian community in Greece, the Home of Palestine and its members.


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