Greek FM on Middle East Crisis: The dead do not have nationality

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Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis reiterated in an interview with the Sunday newspaper VIMA that the Greek foreign policy in the Middle East is a policy of principles, international law and national interest and has a significant global capital.

"It has been won with the consistent, sincere and undivided position that we have followed in the last years, and that's the reason why we can be credible interlocutors not only for the countries of the region but for all the governments and the international organisations, and this is what we will continue to do," he said.

Palestinians search for casualties at the site of a blast at Maghazi refugee camp
Palestinians search for casualties at the site of a blast at Maghazi refugee camp

"Our position is the same in Ukraine and the Middle East. It is a stance of principle. We are against any aggressiveness and revisionism," added the foreign minister.

Gerapetritis also clarified that Greece will not get involved in any war conflict and, in parallel, will do whatever possible to have creative and active diplomacy to reduce the tension and restore peace in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Speaking on the crisis in the Middle East, Gerapetritis noted that from the first moment, Greece held a crystal clear position.

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"Any terror action, any violent action, any inhumane treatment should be condemned by all and entirely. We also said that the civilians should be protected and humanitarian channels should be created for the humanitarian aid to get into Gaza and people to access the essential goods," he said.

In parallel, he reassured that Greece is, even today, continuing the efforts, with constant contacts with the Arab world and with Israel, "to ensure that the civilians will be protected and for the biggest possible humanitarian aid to reach the stricken, mostly in Gaza" and this will continue to be Greece's stance" adding that "the dead do not have nationality."

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