FAKE NEWS ALERT: The report inviting Pakistanis to live in Antikythera for €500 a month is NOT true!

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"500 euros every month in Greece, house, and land absolutely free, and this great offer to stay on an ancient, beautiful island," said a television report by Pakistani television addressed to Pakistanis who would like to move to Greece with 500 euros every month—house and plot on the island of Antikythera.

Of course, it is fake news that the municipality and the Metropolis of Kythira subsidise with 500 euros, plots and houses, young people or families who will settle in Antikythera.

However, for a few days, this news has been circulating on social media and also in Pakistani media, causing a headache to the local authorities, with the mayor of Kythira, Mr Efstratios Charchalakis, explaining to Proto Thema that all of the above is fake news.

"All this started 6 to 7 years ago when, at some point, the Metropolitan of Kythira appeared on TV and said that we would give money to those who will come to stay permanently in Antikythera. From then on, a paraphilology began, but none of what has been written is true," he said.

On the Greece Urdu page, which informs Pakistanis about various issues in Greece, a video was posted a day ago from a news report in which it was mentioned that in our country, 500 euros are given monthly as well as a house and a plot of land to anyone who goes to live permanently in Antikythera.

Similar news, as pointed out to Proto Thema by the mayor of Kythira, has been published in many countries in recent years.

"I notice that from time to time, this issue is re-publicized, but I emphasise that it is fake news. What we want and are trying to do is to find a way so that the island of Antikythera is not deserted. Currently, the school is closed, while there are 20 residents in the winter, and in the summer, we have around 150. We want some large families to come, but we must see what they will do because they will not be subsidised. And of course, this will not happen tomorrow," clarified Mr. Charchalakis.

He also refers to the press release issued by the municipality in July 2019 in which he stated, among other things, that "the publications that constantly appear and are announced create a massive problem of misinformation, as a result of which the Municipality has to answer hundreds of phone calls and emails every day, from almost all of Europe, and therefore causing a big problem of malfunctioning of our service. So, we clarify that families are NOT required to live in Antikythera. Completing the licensing and housing construction processes can take up to 2 or 3 years. We do NOT subsidise new residents. We do NOT grant plots of land or parcels of land."

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