40th Athens Authentic Marathon: Hundreds of runners needed medical care


Nurses and doctors provided Emergency pre-hospital care to 90 runners during all the road races of the 40th Authentic Athens Marathon on Saturday and Sunday. Of these, 36 runners were transported to hospitals for treatment or hospitalisation, Proto Thema reported.

One incident during the marathon was the recovery of a young athlete's cardiac arrest that took place today on Mesogeion Avenue by the ambulance services Immediate Intervention Motorcycle Team (arriving at the scene in 2 minutes). Then the young athlete, having vital signs, was transported to the General Hospital of Athens "Laiko" where he was being treated.

At the same time, in the three First Aid Clinics, under the coordination of the doctors and nurses, first aid was provided to 262 athletes, but it was not deemed necessary to transport them to any health clinic.

In addition, along all the routes of the Games, staff provided first aid on the spot to more than 300 athletes.

Throughout the course of the road races of the 40th Athens Authentic Marathon, doctors and nurses were assisted by volunteer doctors and nurses of the National Health Service, health personnel of the Armed Forces, as well as personnel providing Emergency Prehospital Care (graduate students of the Institute Vocational Training of the EKAV /IEK-EKAV, volunteer Physiotherapists, First Aid volunteers of the Hellenic Red Cross/EES), while the General Police Directorate of Attica (GADA) operated an independent Signal Transmission Center of the EKAV from which its specialised officers were in constant contact communication with the Direct Medical Care Clinics, the regional Autonomous First Aid Medical Stations of Marathon, the Unified Coordination Center (ESKE-EKAB) and the Coordination Center for Ambulance Management of the Central Service of the EKAB.

Edwin Kiptoo and Sukaina Atanane, the winners of the 40th Athens Authentic Marathon

Edwin Kiptoo from Kenya was the winner of the 40th Athens Authentic Marathon.

Kiptoo was the first to arrive at Kallimarmaro Stadium in Athens and cross the finish line with a new record of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 34 seconds. In second place was Kilimo from Kenya, with 2. 12.36

In statements after the end of the race, Kiptoo thanked the organisers who invited him and his family, “I was well prepared; I did not expect to break the record”.

Sukaina Atanane from Morocco won the women’s race with 2 hours, 31 minutes, and 53 seconds, followed by Caroline Jepchirchir from Kenya with 2.32.19.

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