Lakis Gavalas on Despina Vandi: I don't like her looks

Lakis Gavalas

Lakis Gavalas gave a full interview and talked about television, his clothing choices, and social media.

Speaking on 'Fay's Time', Lakis Gavalas first revealed: "You're going to see something from me on TV. I just make it the way I want it to be. People are really texting me that they miss me on TV. It's in a project but with my own configuration."

Then he spoke about Despina Vandi. "I admire Miss Vandi; I love her. I see her with my eyes, as we have discussed. Clothing is something decorative of the moment. She has a very great naked character; in the mind, I mean, she is an unpretentious girl. I don't like her looks, for what Despina could be wearing. From what I understand, she feels really good in them, and for that, I wouldn't change it. I'm not interested in the age, but the look of the person."

As for his personal life, Lakis Gavalas said: "In the sense of being in love, a person of my age is not called in love. I'm fine, I mean I'm shivering. This person has been found and that's why I haven't done hair removal, so that the hair can be a bar."

On social media, he said: “Luckily I have a lot of respect through social media. Two or three times I've been told "hey baby you f**k. I say give it one at a time and let's get enough of it".

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