Nikos Vertis on Vasilis Karras: He is in very good condition, I saw a turbo man

Nikos Vertis, Vasilis Karras

On his return to the nightclubs, Nikos Vertis spoke to the television cameras. They referred to how he deals with difficulties, the possibility of having a family, Vasilis Karras, faith and more.

About how he deals with life's problems, Nikos Vertis said: "I always have the little prayer." Lord have mercy, and it ends there. It warms my heart and my soul; it makes me a better person; when I get caught by my cunning, jealousy and all the negative feelings that every person has inside, faith helps me. Some people may not need religion to be better, just like them."

Then, regarding the incident where Alkistis Protopsalti removed the word "fat" from the song "Adonis", the singer commented: "That's what she felt, that's what she did. Should I judge if it is addictive or if it is negative? I think the word fat exists, and we will not delete it from the vocabulary. Is not that right? And when I put on weight, I say I'm fat. I'm teasing myself. Any word a person uses, depending on how you look at it, there is negativity. [It matters] how you will perceive it. The way you present something matters. I will never forget in the Netherlands, at school - in racist contexts speaking - when they wanted to insult me ​​in a class by calling me "Greek", they stopped it when they realised that I was not bothered, and I am proud of it".

Whereas, for Vasilis Karras said: "I met him the day before yesterday. Vasilis is in excellent condition; what I saw was... we sat for 1 hour together, I laughed, I had an amazing time, and I saw a turbo man who, with the dynamics of his mind, I think will repel everything. I'm very optimistic."

Regarding his personal affairs and the creation of a family, Nikos Vertis stated: "Nobody wants me, do you understand that? What should upset me? Since it's my choice, should I be upset when they tell the truth? After telling the truth, they ask: 'At this age, you are not married; have you not had children?' I'm nervous that I want to be there when I go through having a family and taking that big step. I want to be with my family. I don't want to live the life I'm living now, being away from home for 20 hours and sleeping for 3 hours. No, I want to be with my children, raise my children and not reach 20 years old and say: 'Where did I lose this joy of raising my children?' I want to do this, and it will happen. It can happen tomorrow; it can happen in 5 years."

Then, regarding Themis Bazaka's comment that religious subjects should be removed from the school curriculum, Nikos Vertis underlined: "Should religious subjects be removed from schools, and sex education should be introduced? I don't disagree with the inclusion of sexual education, but I don't understand why religious education should be left out. Religion should be a choice, but not out of school. Our ancestors, not too far away, fought for religion. So, I want us to respect these souls and let each child take their path."

At another point, Nikos Vertis also commented on the negative comments received by Despina Vandi for her revealing appearances.

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