Mia Thessaloniki: AI used the legendary voice of Mitropanos in the new song of Argiros (VIDEO)

Konstantinos Argiros Mia Thessaloniki

Artificial intelligence "brought to life" the legendary voice of Dimitris Mitropanos for the sake of Konstantinos Argiros' new song, "Mia Thessaloniki".

"Mia Thessaloniki", recently released by Panik Platinum, is a strong zeibekiko with an excellent interpretation of Konstantinos Argiros.

With words from the heart, Argiros takes us on a journey to the authentic and unsurpassed charm of the "nymph of Thermaikos", which, with its special landmarks, characteristics and people, immediately "enchants" everyone.

"Mia Thessaloniki" was revealed for the first time by Argiros live at a big TECHAN concert in Greece's second city and in front of the statue of Alexander the Great, in the presence of tens of thousands of spectators.

See the video:

Upon hearing this song, many thought that this song was "going" wild for Dimitris Mitropanos. Many were also those who imagined the legendary artist singing it.

So, a Greek TikToker used technology, specifically artificial intelligence, to "bring to life" the voice of Mitropanos. The result was fascinating.

This particular clip quickly gathered thousands of views on TikTok, and the comments were a mess. There were not a few who commented that this particular song suits Dimitris Mitropanos perfectly.


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